Our Clients

Commissioned to prepare a 2014 E-lending Landscape Report on library-led digital lending models based on research and case studies drawn from initiatives in the United States, Canada and Europe.
Comprehensive EU policy analysis, research, stakeholder engagement and strategic advocacy support for the Foundation’s grantees in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.

Digital Leaders

We provide the executive role to the overall Digital Leaders programme running the Steering group and providing a management service. This includes: running the website; raising sponsorship; and liaising with all the partners to develop an ongoing programme both on and off line. Since 2010
Commissioned to prepare an analysis of the 17 UK Departmental Digital Strategies identifying opportunities for digital payment mechanisms assist with the delivery of transactional public facing services prioritized for digital transformation.
Policy consultancy and support for engaging public, private and third sectors in building and developing a cross-sector partnership approach to delivering digital inclusion and digital skills.
Commissioned to prepare IFLA’s landmark 2013 Trend Report surveying key social, political, economic and technological trends which will shape the future global information environment. In 2012 we were also contracted to deliver an influential Think Piece on Future Models for Public Access to Digital Content which served to inform IFLA’s guiding principles for library e-lending.
We have developed the concept of wellbeing in London in partnership with Peabody, through a series of Conferences over 3 years. In 2014 we are facilitating a series of roundtable meetings focussing on the causes and solutions to Child Poverty in the capital. Since 2011
We run the London end of the the International Salon programme, Technology Salon which is also held in San Francisco, Washington DC, New York and Nairobi. Running monthly meetings that bring together the three communities involved in ICT4D being: technologists; donors and International development experts.
The Reading & Writing Foundation (Brussels)

EU policy consultancy and support for strategic advocacy toward the European Commission and Parliament which raises awareness of the impact of public libraries in the provision of digitally enabled opportunities for social inclusion, lifelong learning and pathways to employment