Whether it is a one off event or a series of events we can help you deliver great content and speakers to an interested and interesting audience. It is our USP – content and audience and our reputation has been hard won by knowing our topic and using our policy and advocacy skills to know what is hot and what is not.

Our Conference services include:

1.     Concept

We would work with you to refine the concept and determine the outcomes you are seeking to achieve. What is the purpose of the event and what does success look like are the questions we are asking ourselves.

Feel and format, length, size, budget, date and audience make up are all up for discussion at this stage.

 2.     Content development

Once the Concept is decided and a budget set we can begin to develop out the day. How the audience are sat, whether information is being received or exchanged or debated will all decide the right mix of speeches and discussion. We would recommend getting the buy in early of external parties and stakeholders in the sector to ensure you are along the right lines as well as ensuring that ownership of the event is broad and cross-sector.

 3.     Steering Group Management

A steering group for a Conference is a great idea. It gives you a sounding board for all aspects of the plan and allows you to harvest great ideas and contacts as well as speaker invitations and budget. This is a two-way street for those invited to join as many tell us that participation in the Steering Group leading up to the event adds enormous value to them in terms of understanding, informal networking and feeling personal ownership of the event and its success.

 4.     Speaker Management

We deal with all speakers and speaker invitations in a professional manner and lead them through from invitation to a thorough briefing before the day. We are used to dealing with CEOs and Minister’s advisors and have gained a great reputation for our briefings, speakers’ notes and effective handholding of your all-important speakers.

 5.     Online event management and registration

So much of the strain of an event can be taken away by technology, from a good website, social media to spread the word to simple online registrations. We live stream events, run social media and conference apps and run a great online event as well as being in the room.

 6.     Venue and catering logistics

Getting the budget set for an event and then delivering the most value from the budget is not easy. We understand that to begin with you may not know what the budget is and that value and cost need to be balanced. We will keep you updated throughout on the estimated costs of the event and regularly make recommendations where savings can be made for minimal impact.

 7.     On the day event management

Our team has great experience of running events from set up to being the last to leave the venue. We will leave nothing to chance and you can have real confidence that we are ahead of you in working out where the pressure points of the event are and what needs sorting out when. We always produce and plan for the day so everyone knows where and when they are involved.

 8.     Post event logistics and follow through

While the day will be great, the follow up and legacy of the event online is also important, both for making sure the presentation, photos and social media is not lost and presented in a fresh and engaging way, but also as a useful starting point for the next event whether in a month or a year